Maintenance Plan

You have invested a lot of money to install your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Protect your investment by properly caring for this equipment during the warranty period and afterwards. Regular checks will not only guarantee that the equipment is running properly, cleanly and efficiently, but will also satisfy the manufacturer warranty requirements.

Most manufacturers will void the warranty if the equipment is not being properly cared for, which includes testing and inspections beyond new filters and belts. Often, our technicians find nonfunctioning or worn parts during regular inspections and can replace these parts or make the necessary repairs before major breakdowns occur.

Having a preventative maintenance plan in place for your residential HVAC systems can:
• Extend the useful life of the system and assist with future financial planning
• Assist with long-range planning for help with managing assets and cash flow
• Support and protect this major investment
• Avoid costs by helping to prevent major breakdowns (save money with planned repairs)
• Save energy by ensuring equipment is clean and running at peak efficiency
• Prevent other business impacts and expenses (i.e., loss of productivity and increased administration costs)

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