Energy Management

Energy Management.
Energy Management.

Temperature Controls

Since its start in 1972, The K Company has designed, installed, and serviced temperature control systems. In 1983, The K Company emerged as a true computerized temperature controls contractor when we became the first Novar Controls Distributor, and in 2001, one the few Novar Technology Centers in the world.

Features of our temperature controls include:
• 24-hour off-site monitoring of heating and cooling systems
• Control of the operation from our Cleveland, OH, area office
• Monitoring of buildings for alarm conditions
• Dispatching of servicing to correct malfunctioning around the clock

Energy Services

The K Company’s Energy Services help our customers improve energy efficiency, take advantage of renewable energy options, keep building occupants comfortable and healthy, and maximize uptime, improving productivity.

Let The K Company deliver your energy service needs. We provide:
• Customized single-source turnkey solutions to your HVAC issues
• Efficient systems fitted to your particular situation
• Commercial installation based on experience in heavy and light systems
• Residential installation from your ideas or our design services
• Service from skilled technicians trained in all aspects of the industry
• Lower energy costs for your Cleveland, OH, area business

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