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Glossary of Green Terms

We think you’ll see why incorporating newer, “green” technology into your design improves efficiency, air quality and comfort.



HiEff RTU's – By incorporating High Efficiency Rooftop Units into a building, The K Company offers units that produce more BTU's from less energy.  The High Efficiency units utilize a higher Annual Fuel Utilization (AFU) rating.



ERV's – Energy Recovery Units use the heat in the building to preheat in the winter or cool air in the building during summer to chill the incoming outside air. Ultimately, they use less fossil fuel by saving electricity to warm or cool the air; therefore, the air is cleaner because there is less fossil fuel burned to make the electricity.  And the incoming outside air promotes better indoor air quality. 



ARU's – Air Rotation Units also use outside air to condition a building. However, the units only bring in outside air during occupied times. When the building is not occupied, the ARU rotates the higher warm air with the lower cool air in the space, keeping the building satisfied without taking into account the necessary air quality requirements based on occupancy.



In-Floor Heat – We put the heat directly where it is needed – in the floor.  Zoning the heat is a method of concentrating heat only on areas that need it.



Computer Room System – By controlling a computer room with a separate unit, the air needed to keep expensive equipment cool can be concentrated into one space without wasting the energy elsewhere.



Energy Management Controls – The K Company uses various Energy Management Controls to help monitor and control incoming power to the building to utilize load shedding at times of higher energy demand.



High-Efficiency Air Filters – We use a high MERV rated filter to increase air quality with it's filtering capabilities.  They are also used to reduce the amount of outside air that we have to bring in to satisfy air quality requirement of 15cfm per maximum occupancy which, again, saves energy.



VFD's – Variable Frequency Drives run the motors for various equipment at reduced speeds, thereby reducing electrical motor consumption while still satisfying the needs of the building. 



VAV Systems – Variable Air Volume Systems operate by opening and closing the air flow in certain areas of a building as the load shifts during the day depending on the sun and the weather.



Motion Sensors – Installing motion sensors for lights in our mechanical rooms improves energy consumption because lights are only on when they are needed – and off when they’re not.

The K Company is an Ohio HVAC Contractor servicing the Greater Akron Area: Akron, Canton, and Cleveland.


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